Games people play at a “Carnival” celebration!

Games people play at a “Carnival” celebration!

On October 1, 2011 I had the pleasure of joining several of my Board Gaming friends that live in the Raleigh-Durham area for a celebration.  We all gathered to celebrate the countdown to a very successful Kickstarter campaign of Carnival.

Carnival was the idea of Cherilyn Kirkman (Pictured on the Left) as the designer and Chris Kirkman (Pictured on the Right) as the Artist.  Both of them own and run and have recently launched DiceHateMe publishing as well.

Their publishing company will be launching other games in the future and look like they have jumped in with some very good candidates.

One of the games that they will be coming out with in the spring will be T.C. Petty III (Pictured on the Left).  Let me tell you, this is a game that you will want to back on Kickstarter when they put it up there.  T.C. has come up with some great mechanics for the game, and with the help of Chris Kirkman they have teamed up to have a great layout for this game the will play 3-8 players.

We had the chance to play a full 8 player game on Oct 1 and it plays really well.  There is very little downtime for any player, so you will not have that feeling of sitting there waiting for your turn.  The pictures I took are of the prototype of the game and are not the final product, but even the prototype components worked really well and looks good.  I can not wait for the final product to see the end design.


Also, while I was at the celebration, I had the chance to play Elder Sign a couple more times.  The first time we played it during the day, we easily won the game, and I was thinking that the game “might” be broke, since it was so easy to win.

My impression on that quickly changed when we played the second game.We just barely got by winning.  It came down to a couple really lucky dice rolls in the end.

I still want to play this game a few more times before I actually make a firm opinion on it.  I like the concept, and the price point.  I am, however, not convinced 100% yet that if you play 4 or more players in the game that you will ever lose.  I suppose it’s possible, but the three games I played this week did not convince me yet.


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Games People Play

When I arrived at Hypermind Tuesday evening, Alton and I sat down to a 2 player game of Carcassonne 10th Anniversary Edition.

Alton and I have played this game 3 times before, together.  Each time, I won the game.

Well, this time, Alton was trying some nice tactical moves, but in the end I prevailed.  So, as far as the count goes, I’m undefeated against him.

Better luck next time, Alton!

Next, Sean, Alton, Tom, and Josh joined me in a 5 player game of Ascension: Return Of The Fallen.

This game lasted quite a while, and other players kept stopping by our table to see if we were “done” yet.  One of the reasons it took so long was there were a couple of people who have not played the expansion much, and they were still trying to learn the cards I didn’t mind, however, because I love this game.

I happen to win this game too, but not by much.  It was close all the way around.

After that, we cracked open my newest game that i got called Zombie Fluxx.

This game can take anywhere from 10-40 minutes to play.  We opted to playa couple hands while waiting for Chris Norwood to show up.

The first hand lasted about 5-10 minutes with Josh inadvertently playing a card that game Alton the win.

The second game was going quite a bit longer and I think Alton finally just gave me the win with his play so I could move on to my next came, since Chris Norwood had arrived by then.

Chris had promised me earlier in the week that he would play Carnival as soon as he showed up to game night, and also that he would hold a seat open for me.

This was my first time playing Carnival and I was hooked!

A couple of friends (Chris Kirman and Cherilyn Kirkman) from the Durham, NC area created and produced this game.  I knew they were going to put it on the Kickstarter web site, and I wanted to give it a try before I actually put forth a pledge to back the project.

This game is worth the money and I highly recommend you back it on Kickstarter.  You won’t be sorry.  This is a nice little game, and both Chris and Cherilyn did an awesome job with the concept, and development of the prototype.

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Coming next week (Aug 18) to Kickstarter: Carnival by a couple of friends (Chris Kirkman, and Cherilyn Kirkman) – Owners of

I’m looking forward to supporting this game, I hope you do too.

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MACE Convention in High Point NC – November 11-13 2011

I am now registered to attend my first BoardGame/RPG convention, MACE in Highpoint, NC in November!


Hotel Room…Check

Lots of gaming fun expected…Check

Many of my local friends will be there and I’m sure I will make a whole bunch of new boardgame/rpg friends while I’m there.

I’m excited, and looking forward to this convention.  When the time comes, I’ll upload what I did there, who I met, and pics.

I hope some of you can make it too!


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First Impressions: HIKE by Moosetache Games

Recently, several of us at in the boardgame group at Hypermind had the opportunity to play Moosetache Game’s latest release entitled “Hike”.

Game Components: 80 Cards (7 Suits containing 10 Birds, 10 Bugs, 10 Lakes, 10 Lights, 10 Peaks, 10 Trails and 10 Trees plus 10 Specialty Cards made up of Avalanche, Drought, Earthquake, Litter, Lost, Poop, Spring, The Sun, The Wind, and the Worm), 1 Rule Sheet.

Overview of the game: The game can be played by 3-8 players.  Each player is dealt a hand of 7 cards and the object of the game is to get rid of your cards and score points.

There are a few different ways you can score points:

  • Have the fewest remaining cards at the end of the hand
  • Capture the Worm
  • Plant Trees

Each player plays one card at a time beginning with the first player to the left of the dealer.  When a player plays a suited card, there are three other suits at the bottom of that card.  The next player has the option of playing one of those three suits on his/her turn or playing a Specialty Card that will change some of the rules of how the next few cards are played.

For example:  If player 1 puts down a Bird, player 2 then has the option of playing a Bird, Tree, or Lake, or they may opt to play a specialty card like Drought.  If they play the specialty card, then the following players must do what the card says before the normal play of cards continues.  In this example lets say the player played Drought.  The text on the drought card says “All Players Must Play A Lake”.  That includes the player who played the drought card.

If any player can not play a card on their turn they are out of the rest of that hand and lay all their cards face up in front of them.  These cards will score as points at the end of the hand for the player who wins that hand.

The game ends when a player reaches a certain score.  In a 3-4 player game, the first person to get 25 points or more, wins.  5-6 player game – 35 points or more, and in a 7-8 player game – 45 points or more.

Specialty cards are really what makes this game a lot more fun to play.  The more specialty cards that show up in a round the chances of someone scoring big increases.

First Impressions:  I really love this game.  It’s quick to play and allows for many players in a group to participate.  There are not many games that allow for more than 4-5 players, and this one fits the bill perfectly.  It’s also small enough that you can take it on vacation with you or to parties.

The art work is really nice too.I think Kiril Tchangov did a nice job on it.  All of the artwork really fits the theme well that you are on a hiking trail in the woods near a lake or two.

The game retails for a price of $10.95 and can be purchased through Moosetache Games Online Store or your local friendly game store.  I would recommend putting this one on your list and buying an extra copy or two for Stocking Stuffers this Holiday Season!

I would like to thank Cristina Ramos at Moosetache Games for sending Meet The Meeples a review copy.

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Alien Frontiers – By Clever Mojo Games

Alien Frontiers by Clever Mojo Games is one of the hottest games on the market right now.  This game is so in demand that they had to run a second printing recently.

Overview: Alien Frontiers uses dice as space ships that travel around on the board and visit different orbital facilities.  When the die roll allows you to visit one of the facilities you can acquire Ore, Fuel, Cards that will allow you to manipulate players or dice in one form or another.

The components are pretty nice in this game.  Each player has up to six ships (dice) that he can potentially use in the game (with the option of a special seventh die that can be bought by landing yourself on a special spot on the planet.

One thing about this game is the more dice you are using, the more options that open up quickly for you.

When you get on the planet you get a special ability marker card to use for the game (until you lose control of that spot).

You can also get cards (as I mentioned above) to manipulate the game in some fashion.

First Impression: I like this game.  The game play is about 1 hour in length, so it fits just right in my book for gametime.

The components are nice, and the box it comes in is very durable.  One thing I like about the box is a slight half-moon cutout on one side allowing you to easily eject the game board without stretching the box in the process.  Nice added detail!

Future expansions are in the process of being developed to allow for a 5th player and also for you to visit “Outer Belts” where players will have their own player boards that you can visit during game play.

The game has a suggested retail value of $50.00 and is worth every penny.

One of my friends, Chris Kirkman ( reviewed this as Game Of The Year in 2010, Check it out for a more in-depth review of one great game!

I’d personally like to thank Clever Mojo Games for sending me a copy. and also Chris Kirkman (DiceHateMe.Com) for bringing it back from the Clever Mojo Games booth at Origins 2011.


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First Impressions: Ascension: Return Of The Fallen

Ascension: Return of the Fallen hit the mark!  This expansion to the ever popular Ascension: Chronicle Of The Godslayer adds even more depth in the gameplay.

Let me start by saying this expansion includes everything you need to play a 1-2 player game without owning the original game itself.

Yes, you heard me right.  I did say ONE to two players.  You now have the game to play as a solo variation when you are alone or just looking for a cool Solitaire style deck building game.

Today, I played a solo variation (which is included in the rulebook) and it played really well.  It was very balanced.

Components: 120 Cards including 2 start player decks, Heavy Infantry, Mystics, a Cultist card, and the other Heroes, Constructs, and Monsters.  It also includes more of those great looking victory point crystals.

Overview: This expansion now allows you to combine it with the base game and play up to 6 players even team play.  I think this is an awesome concept, and I can’t wait to try out a team play round or two myself.

First Impressions: If you’re looking for a deck building game, this may be the time to purchase.  It costs $29.99 suggested retail and will be a satisfying purchase for the price.

I do recommend you sleeve your cards, because they do get shuffled a lot.  The artwork is really good quality.

I’m hoping that some of the folks in my gaming group that have”fallen” away from playing Ascension will come back and plays some “Ascension: RETURN OF THE FALLEN”.

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