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@EagleGames Gryphon Games Demo Day and other Games played too.

Being on the Wingman Demo Team for Eagle and Gryphon Games, I chose a couple of games that I recently received to demo and took them with me to a demo day at Hypermind in Burlington, NC.

One of the games is a game called Can’t Stop.  Can’t Stop was initially released back in the early 1980’s.  Since then it has gone in and out of print and is now being reprinted by Eagle and Gryphon Games.

The object is to get a number of cones to the top of the board to win the game (number of cones is based on the number of players in the game).  You do this by rolling 4 dice and making a decision by choosing 2 pairs of dice as to where to put your runners (The White Cones).  At that point you can press your luck and roll again to further gain ground up the track or you can stop and place your colored cones as place holders and pass to the next player.

Once a player reaches the number of cones to the top of the board (3 cones for a 4 player game, 4 cones for a 3 player game, and 5 cones for a 2 player game), then the winner is declared.

This game plays in about 20-40 minutes and is a fun little filler game in between those 1 1/2 plus hour games.

After the game of Can’t Stop I proceeded to demo another game called Yin Yang.

Yin Yang plays 3-5 players and plays rather quickly too.

Yin Yang is played by players trying not to win tricks.  There are cards marked 1-50 in the deck and each player playing receives 9 cards.

There are also 10 cards that have Yin Yang symbols on them with a number next to both the Black and White Colors.

The player who plays the highest card in the trick wins the number of Black tokens that is on the card.

The player who plays the lowest trick wins the number of White tokens that is on the card.

The object is to NOT have tokens in your hand by the end of the 9 tricks that you play each round.  You can eliminate tokens by making a Black and White matching Yin Yang symbol and returning those tokens back to the pool.

At the end of 9 tricks you will either have some black token or white tokens, but not both, or you may have none at all if you play your cards right.

The play continues for a number of rounds based on how many players you have in the game.  Remember, each round plays 9 tricks.

After we finished Yin Yang, we broke out and played several other games during the day including Ascension: Return Of The Fallen, Memoir ’44, Nexus Ops, and Blue Moon City.  I have also included some photos of those games in this blog posting.



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Games People Play

When I arrived at Hypermind Tuesday evening, Alton and I sat down to a 2 player game of Carcassonne 10th Anniversary Edition.

Alton and I have played this game 3 times before, together.  Each time, I won the game.

Well, this time, Alton was trying some nice tactical moves, but in the end I prevailed.  So, as far as the count goes, I’m undefeated against him.

Better luck next time, Alton!

Next, Sean, Alton, Tom, and Josh joined me in a 5 player game of Ascension: Return Of The Fallen.

This game lasted quite a while, and other players kept stopping by our table to see if we were “done” yet.  One of the reasons it took so long was there were a couple of people who have not played the expansion much, and they were still trying to learn the cards I didn’t mind, however, because I love this game.

I happen to win this game too, but not by much.  It was close all the way around.

After that, we cracked open my newest game that i got called Zombie Fluxx.

This game can take anywhere from 10-40 minutes to play.  We opted to playa couple hands while waiting for Chris Norwood to show up.

The first hand lasted about 5-10 minutes with Josh inadvertently playing a card that game Alton the win.

The second game was going quite a bit longer and I think Alton finally just gave me the win with his play so I could move on to my next came, since Chris Norwood had arrived by then.

Chris had promised me earlier in the week that he would play Carnival as soon as he showed up to game night, and also that he would hold a seat open for me.

This was my first time playing Carnival and I was hooked!

A couple of friends (Chris Kirman and Cherilyn Kirkman) from the Durham, NC area created and produced this game.  I knew they were going to put it on the Kickstarter web site, and I wanted to give it a try before I actually put forth a pledge to back the project.

This game is worth the money and I highly recommend you back it on Kickstarter.  You won’t be sorry.  This is a nice little game, and both Chris and Cherilyn did an awesome job with the concept, and development of the prototype.

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Games People Play

Game night last night started out with Brad and Matt joining me in one of my favorite games (Yes I know I have said it’s my favorite multiple times here), Ascension: Chronicle Of The Godslayer.

I got the right combination of cards and managed to win over the other two by almost 30 points.  That was the biggest victory I have ever pulled off since I started playing the game. For some reason, Matt just couldn’t get the cards he needed, even though he was trying.  I think part of the problem was he was in the wrong seat at the wrong time when the cards were flipped from the center deck.  Brad must not have been paying attention, because several times there were cards that would have made better choices for him (in my opinion), although he didn’t seem to spot them as they came up.

After that, Matt and Brad joined me in one of my new games in my collection, Pastiche.  Brad and Matt caught on to the game quickly.  Matt was going for the power play and trying to cash in on big commission cards up front.  I think this hurt him in the end, since he spent a lot of time trying for the big ones.  I was not really paying too much attention and missed scoring a commission card from the community deck and also getting the bonus for having the same artist twice.  Brad won the game by quickly getting out some lower value commission cards.

I’m not sure if there is an advantage to doing that or not, but I may try that next time I play and see if it gets me close to a win.

I then joined Kenny and Tom in a game of Puerto Rico.  Sceadeau explained the rules and game play and we were off.  Sceadeau sat by and helped me for the most part with occasionally recommending better plays to Kenny or Tom when the appropriate time came.  In the end, I won, although I would like to mark this win with an asterisk (*) because Sceaudeau did most of the work while I was trying to get my hands around the game.

I’d like to play this again some time to see if it is a game that would stay on my radar or not.  Currently I’m not 100% convinced that it would.

I then proceeded to another table and joined Chris (GamerChris) and Sceadeau in a game of Nightfall, a new Deck Building Game.  I really need to give this a couple more play through time to see if it would be another deck building game that I would invest in.  It has some mechanics similar to both Dominion and Ascension.

Would it be one of my top games?  It could be, but again, I really need to give it several more play through’s before I make that judgement call.

I then joined both Chris and Sceadeau in a silly game called Animal Upon Animal.

This game involves rolling a die and placing one of your animals on top of another one and trying not to knock the stack over.  If you do, you take what you knocked over.

Obviously you want to stack these so that your opponents have trouble stacking their animals and knocking over others.  The winner is the person who gets their last animal stacked without knocking any more down.  Simple and silly, but still fun.  Would it be something I would play a lot, NO.  Would I play it again, YES.

The last game for me for the night was Chronicle.  For this game, Keith joined myself Sceadeau and Chris.  Keith got bogged down and didn’t quite have the knack of getting rid of the evil cards when he needed to, but I think with another play through he would be really good at the game.  He seems to pick up quickly on games.

Sceadeau of course pulled out the win.  I say (of course) because he wins a lot of the games we play.  He’s just that good at them!  Both of the regular Chris’ in the group do give him a run for his money though!

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Games People Play

Last night I started out by joining a group of players in a friendly game of Cash and Guns.  This game involves playing a card that says one of three things: 1 – Click, 2 – Bang, 3 – Bang Bang Bang.

Each player secretly plays a card and then picks up their orange foam gun and points it at someone.  If you think you are going to get hit by a bullet then you can lay your guy down and cover and lose 5 points.  If you think they are bluffing and you will not get shot you can stay in the game and try to earn money.

Players who get shot 3 times are out of the game. Players who get shot do not share in the distribution of the money.  Only players who are left get to divide the money, and any leftover goes for the next round.

This game was interesting.  I’m not sure I would play it all the time, but every now and then it’s a fun little game to find out who your allies are and who your enemies are.

The next game that I jumped into is a huge favorite of mine – Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer.  With this weekend coming up, there is another Promo day at Hypermind.  Although the play time will go about 3 hours, I can only stay about 1 1/2 due to a couple other commitments that day.

Next, I jumped into a game of Chronicle.  I played this last week for the first time and loved the concept of the game.  It’s a trick taking game, but with a twist.  Each card has something on it that will allow players to either take a card, remove a card, or do some other types of things with cards played.

Tom G. seemed to really pick up quickly since he never played it and won by quite a lead in the game.

I think this game will make it to the table quite a few times in the next several weeks, since it’s new, and has that twist to it.

After that, I joined a few players in Cloud 9.  This is a game that I received as a review copy.  That review will be posted by the end of this week.  The game is essentially a “Push Your Luck” type of game that can be played by 6 players.

This was the first game of the night for Chris N (Gamer Chris), when he arrived.

It’s a game that has been around for a while and still is fun to pull out for some quick family style game.

The last game I played was Top Race.

This game involved betting at different times on which car was going to win the race.

At first we thought the game was broke a couple different ways.  One – being that you must have a minimum 30,000 dollars to buy a car if you are the last person to buy one, and two – we were thinking Yellow and or Black was always a good choice, except the last round kind of blew that theory out of the water since yellow and black didn’t fare well.

Sceadeau, being the player that he is, of course won the game with a whopping 1 Million Dollars at the end!

Next week I plan on trying to get in the game of the month, Puerto Rico.


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Games People Play

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Last night, I started off playing Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer with Matt as a 2 player game.

We decided to play it again and this time another member of the group joined in on the festivities. Game 2 under our belts.

We played hard and really came close to each others scores without very much wiggle room.


The three of us then jumped into a game of cities.

I am liking this game more and more each time I play it.

It’s short, a great filler instead of a card game, and the different layouts you can think of with your tile pieces just make it a lot of fun.

I’m going to keep bringing this one to boardgame night for a while, and hopefully give some more players an opportunity to play one of those hidden gems of a filler game.




After the that we headed over to another table to play a game of Tsuro.

Tsuro is played by placing a rock statue (your playing piece) at the edge of the board with a line next to the entrance to the board.  Next thing you are going to do is place a tile down leading from that edge into the gameboard itself.

The object is to use one of the lines on that tile to keep yourself on the gameboard without bumping into another player.  That will result in you following his track back to the edge of the board where your piece finally stops ending the game for you.

The player(s) who either stay on the board last, or if the last two players both die due to a tile being played, they actually TIE for the WIN. (Just to note, James and Myself both won the game because of that situation at the end).

I’m not sure I would play this game a lot, but it would spark my interest every now and then for a short filler type game.  This is also a game that I would not necessarily purchase myself, but wouldn’t mind it as a gift if someone were to give it to me.  I may even change my mind about whether I would play it more if it were a gift.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (More fun!!!)

Once that was complete, I headed back to playing Ascension again with Chris N this time as well as Matt.

Matt finally got his chance to win and boy did he ever.  He scored about 20 more victory points then Chris or myself.  Congratulations Matt!

I also promised Kenny I would get a game of Ascension in with him.  Matt stuck around for that and we played one more time on this night.

I am really liking Ascension, and looking forward to Promo Day number 3 coming up at our local game store on April 9 as well as the release of the Expansion set coming out in June 2011.

Also, stay tuned to the blog, because I will have some more Review/First Impressions coming very soon on a few games I have played and a few games that were sent to me for review.

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Games People Play…

Last night Chris I, Kenny, and myself started out playing Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer at our regular Board Game night over at Hypermind in Burlington, NC.

The game was pretty close for the most part.  Chris I reminded me of some extra points I could score from the combat cards and helped me out by getting me a few of them.  Thanks Chris!

With that being said, I won the game.  So I conclude I must score this one with an asterisk (*) because of the extra help he offered in the game.

The new Pathwarden card did appear, but did not work in anyone’s favor this time, but watch out for the next time.

Next up, Chris I, and myself played a 2 player game of Egizia. The more I play this game, the more I love it, and the more I learn about it.

One of the things I have to get ahold of though would be the bonus victory points that are accumulated at the end by using the Sphinx cards.  Some day, I need to go through the rules again and familiarize myself a little more with what each one of these cards can give at the end of the game and develop some strategies with the hopes that I land a few of those cards in my hand for end score.

Anyway, I had a blast, and will bring this game with me a lot to board game night.  I’m hoping it makes game of the month one of these times.  I’m going to try to convince some folks that it should.

Next, several of us jumped into a game of Factory Fun.  This is our game of the month.  I am liking this game more and more each time I play it.  It’s a tough game though and makes you really think about where you will place things on the board to your best advantage for score.

I’m still working on some ideas.  We’ll see what happens next week.

Sceadeau brought a trick taking game called Wizard with him that we all jumped into and played.

To be honest with you, I didn’t fare well, and really didn’t like the game overall.

If you like trick taking games, this is OK, I suppose.  It just doesn’t tickle my fancy.

Oh well.

After that, we jumped back into Factory Fun since Chris N had showed up and had not played the game yet.

It was good to see David and Michelle too last night.  I haven’t seen them in a while and wanted to let them know that we missed them, and welcome back.

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Games People Play 09/28/2010

This week at game night, I arrived early and met up with Michelle and Sceadeau.  Sceadeau was nice enough to teach Michelle and myself how to play Race For The Galaxy (The Base Game).

This game is awesome.  I had some trouble getting the points that I really wanted, but I think after a few plays I’ll get the hang of what to hang on to and what to discard.  Michelle had some of the same issues.  She and I agreed we would pull this game out again next week and at least play it 2 player if no one else wants to join in.

Next, I joined Alton, Cody, Sceadeau, and Michelle in a game of Container.  This was my first time playing this game.  The object is to get a certain amount of containers to an island using your ship.  Each player has a player mat that allows them to develop factories, shipping facilities, and containers out of goods.  During your turn you can do numerous things such as buying goods, building containers, shipping, etc.  It took me a little while to figure out some things about the game, and about three-quarters of the way through, I got a good grasp on this game.  Sceadeau brought this one to the table, and I asked him to bring it again so we could play it again.  This one might become another one of those games that I enjoy often.

I had just about enough time for one last game.  Chris Ingersoll bought Fresco recently.  I decided to give this one a try.  This also was one I never played before, and had to grasp on to how to play it.  Chip, Michelle, Chris and myself played this and had a blast.  Being a “artisan” type game, Michelle had to tell us about a certain brown color she wanted in some paints.  We offered suggestions, but to no avail.  She had already tried all of them.  Anyway, the game continued.  I was not paying attention and unfortunately didn’t fare well.  I’d love to give this game another go round, because I think I could really enjoy this game, especially if I pay attention to what I am doing.

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