First Impressions: 1812 The Invasion Of Canada by Academy Games

15 Feb

In 1812, Great Britain and its allies were battling Napoleon for control of Europe.  A young United States declared war on Britain and decides to invade Canada due to seizures of American ships and goods.

1812 The Invasion Of Canada is a semi cooperative game that allows up to 5 players to try to conquer either the United States, or Canada, depending on which faction side you play in the game.  Players may either play the Canadian side which includes cubes, cards and dice for British, Canadian Militia or Native Americans, or they may choose to play the United States side which is composed of American Regulars and American Militia.

During each round there are 5 player turns that occur.  Five colored cubes are placed in a bag and drawn randomly for each players turn.  Once the cube is drawn the player will then act out their turn before the next player is randomly drawn out of the bag.  The cubes are placed on a turn track so you can see who’s turn it is and who has already played in that round.  There is also a wooden pawn that marks the rounds.

During a players turn they will play one or more cards (they have three maximum in their hand).  They must have at least one action card in their hand and can also have special cards that can be played along with the action.  If they do not have an action card, they are required to reshuffle their cards and draw three again to try to obtain at least one action card.

The player can then play only one action card that turn.  He may not play more than that.  He can also choose to play any number of special cards.  Action cards will allow the player to move their troops from one place on the board to another.  This movement can be either a land movement or a water movement based on the action card.  The card will tell them the number of troops and how far they may move in that turn.  Special cards will have enhanced benefits to the turn that may aid in the players movement or battle.

Once the player has moved then they resolve battles.  Battle occur when any number of troops land on an enemy territory that is occupied by the enemy.  Players will roll battle dice to resolve the battle that occurs in that land spot.  Battles may end in total victory or may end in victory where players wind up fleeing.  If a player rolls a die that has a person running on it, they will put one of their color cubes in the FLED area of the board.  These troops may return to a muster area on that players next turn.

Once all the battles have been resolved it then becomes the next players turn.  This continues like this for three rounds.  At the end of three rounds there is a check for end game conditions.  Remember the Action cards I mentioned?  Well, each player has one of them in his deck that is a truce card.  He may play that at any time when he plays an action.  Once all of one side has declared a truce and they have reached at least round three then the game is over.

The winner will be whoever controls more enemy territories.  How do you control them?  When you have won a territory during a battle phase you then put a territory marker down to represent that area now belongs to your side.  Note: if you leave that area you lose control of it, so you need to leave at least one troop in the area to maintain control.

This game potentially could end in a tie.  It all depends on the number of territory tokens that have been placed during each round check in rounds 3-8.

My First Impressions: I like this game a lot.  It has a coop aspect that will help new players team up with experienced players and learn the game.  I also like the way the rules read our and show examples.  The Dice are really well-balanced and make a lot of sense to me as to why or why not there may be a FLED marking on it or not.

The game plays in about one and a half hours which is just about the right amount of time for a game like this.  Also, in the rule book there are three starting scenarios that will allow for shorter or longer play depending on how you set up the game.

The board is pretty big and does require some significant table space.  The components are good.  I am going to see if I can locate some type of miniature figures to add to my game to replace the colored cubes, but the cubes do work and miniatures are not necessary.

Thank you to Fred Distribution for sending a review copy of the game to Meet The Meeples.

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    February 15, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Great pics! Thanks for the review.


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