Game Review: For The Win published by Tasty Minstrel Games

21 Jan

For The Win is a two player game that is played in about 15 minutes time.  The object of the game is to connect five of your tiles together either in a orthagonal pattern, diagonal pattern, or a combination of the two patterns.  You do this by taking a mandatory one or two actions each turn.

There are a total of five actions that you can choose from.  The first action is to “Add A Tile”, but it may not be placed next to one of your own tiles either orthogonal or diagonal.  The second action is to “Move A Tile One Space”.  This action can only be a tile that is Face Up.  The third action is “Shove Tiles One Space”.  A couple of things you have to remember when using this action:  First, you may only shove face up tiles.  Second, you have to make sure you do not break any link of tiles that are connected.  The fourth action is “Use A Tile Ability” (Tile Abilities will be explained later).  Remember to flip the tile face down when using their ability.  The fifth action is to “Flip A Tile Face Up”.

There are five Tile Abilities: First is the “Alien Tractor Beam”  – Bring any tile in play to an adjacent space next to this tile.  Second is the “Monkey Banana” – Flip over all adjacent tiles.  Third is the “Ninja Stealth” – Move to any other location.  Fourth is the “Pirate Canon” – Shoot an adjacent tile to another location.  Fifth is the “Zombie Infect” – Replace an adjacent tile with any Zombie Tile.  If None remain, deactivate an adjacent tile.

Components:  20 Tiles (10 For Each Player consisting of 2 Aliens, 2 Monkeys, 2 Ninjas, 2 Pirates, and 2 Zombies),  2 Player Aid Cards, 2 Actions Counters, and Rulebook.

First Impressions: This game is quick to play and would be a great game to add if you are looking for a filler game while waiting to play other games.  This game, however, is not very difficult but does take a little abstract thinking on the gamers part.

I received a Print And Play copy for review from Tasty Minstrel Games.  I believe I read some place that the retail value will be about $25.00 for the game.  That is assuming it gets fully funded through the kickstarter program.  You can save some money and get yourself a final copy by helping them get this game funded through the kickstarter campaign.

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