I Drank What? – by Empire Games

14 Nov

This past weekend I attended the MACE convention in Highpoint, NC.  While there, I had the chance to play many games and meet many new gaming friends.

One of the games I had the chance to play was “I Drank What?” by Empire Games.

Overview: “I Drank What” is a card game for 4 to 10 players.

Each player receives one card at random that may either be a Wine Card or a Poison Card (Although to start off the game there is only one POISON Card that is handed out – All the rest of the players receive a WINE CARD).  The players do not look at these cards.

Then each player gets 4 cards (drawn from a different deck of cards) that will either be an ACTION, REACTION, or CHEESE Card.

The players in turn may Play and Action and a second Action.  As an Action the player may play a Cheese Card which goes in front of him until it’s either stolen, eaten, Then they may issue a drink challenge to another player to flip over their drink card.  The player that is challenged may opt to “Pass” on drinking.

This is where the Reaction and Cheese Cards come into play.

Reaction cards can combat the effects of drinking, or they may cancel you from taking a drink, or they may manipulate drink cards, etc.  They are just that, some sort of REACTION to an ACTION or CHALLENGE.

Cheese cards can be eaten instead of taking a drink.  This is the easiest way of not possibly revealing a POISON card and being out of the game (possibly, again see some of the reaction cards that may combat POISON).

The game is over when one player wither wins overall or gets eliminated in a possible move when there are two players and both somehow get that taste of POISON.

COMPONENTS: Base Game Contains 20 Wine Cards (5 are Poison, 15 are Wine), 60 Play Cards, 1 Rule Sheet.  The Expansion includes other Reaction Cards plus Cheese Cards.

What I think if the game:  This game is great in a lot of ways.

First, it plays up to 10 players, and it does it well!  How many other games out there can make that claim?

Next, the images used on the cards are nicely done.  From what I was told from the gang at Empire Games is they used people to model for their photos on the cards and save a lot of money because of having some great connections in that market.

The game also plays quickly.  I was surprised that having that amount of players played in less that one hour time frame.  Kudos to a quick playing game that allows that many players.

What I Didn’t Like About The Game: I’m not sure that I agree with players who say the game is just crap because you can possibly lose quickly and then have to sit there and wait a long time in order to play again.  Although I did get knocked out of the game quickly a couple times this weekend, I still have to say I had fun watching the other players finish the game and also get some of the “Take That” action that occurs in these types of games.

Overall, I had a blast playing the game, and trying to win one of those Empire Games Wine Glasess.

Unfortunately I did not win a glass in the game.

However, Chris from Empire Games did present one to me on the last day of MACE as a “Good Will” gesture, and I want to personally say thank you to the guys for doing that.  That was nice.  I would have given the same review regardless, and that wine glass did not have any weight on this review.  Again, though, Thank you!

Also, I thouroughly enjoyed the comical way that David had with holding the Wine Glass while walking up down the MACE convention hallway letting folks know that another tournament to try to win one of the “Coveted Empire Games Wine Glasses” was about to begin.

Thanks Empire Games for a great time this past weekend at MACE.  I hope to meet up with you guys again soon.

Watch for an overview of MACE coming later this week on my blog.



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One response to “I Drank What? – by Empire Games

  1. Jeff Smith

    November 15, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Glad you enjoyed the game. The guys at Empire Games area great bunch of gamers. It is always great to have them at MACE and to have new players, such as yourself, try their game.


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