@EagleGames Gryphon Games Demo Day and other Games played too.

30 Oct

Being on the Wingman Demo Team for Eagle and Gryphon Games, I chose a couple of games that I recently received to demo and took them with me to a demo day at Hypermind in Burlington, NC.

One of the games is a game called Can’t Stop.  Can’t Stop was initially released back in the early 1980’s.  Since then it has gone in and out of print and is now being reprinted by Eagle and Gryphon Games.

The object is to get a number of cones to the top of the board to win the game (number of cones is based on the number of players in the game).  You do this by rolling 4 dice and making a decision by choosing 2 pairs of dice as to where to put your runners (The White Cones).  At that point you can press your luck and roll again to further gain ground up the track or you can stop and place your colored cones as place holders and pass to the next player.

Once a player reaches the number of cones to the top of the board (3 cones for a 4 player game, 4 cones for a 3 player game, and 5 cones for a 2 player game), then the winner is declared.

This game plays in about 20-40 minutes and is a fun little filler game in between those 1 1/2 plus hour games.

After the game of Can’t Stop I proceeded to demo another game called Yin Yang.

Yin Yang plays 3-5 players and plays rather quickly too.

Yin Yang is played by players trying not to win tricks.  There are cards marked 1-50 in the deck and each player playing receives 9 cards.

There are also 10 cards that have Yin Yang symbols on them with a number next to both the Black and White Colors.

The player who plays the highest card in the trick wins the number of Black tokens that is on the card.

The player who plays the lowest trick wins the number of White tokens that is on the card.

The object is to NOT have tokens in your hand by the end of the 9 tricks that you play each round.  You can eliminate tokens by making a Black and White matching Yin Yang symbol and returning those tokens back to the pool.

At the end of 9 tricks you will either have some black token or white tokens, but not both, or you may have none at all if you play your cards right.

The play continues for a number of rounds based on how many players you have in the game.  Remember, each round plays 9 tricks.

After we finished Yin Yang, we broke out and played several other games during the day including Ascension: Return Of The Fallen, Memoir ’44, Nexus Ops, and Blue Moon City.  I have also included some photos of those games in this blog posting.



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2 responses to “@EagleGames Gryphon Games Demo Day and other Games played too.

  1. tomg

    October 30, 2011 at 10:35 am

    I didn’t realize it was a demo day.

    • skirkham

      October 30, 2011 at 11:26 am

      Yeah…I tweeted that Friday Night. So did @EagleGames but, I will have those games in tote and demo them at any time.


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