Alien Frontiers – By Clever Mojo Games

29 Jun

Alien Frontiers by Clever Mojo Games is one of the hottest games on the market right now.  This game is so in demand that they had to run a second printing recently.

Overview: Alien Frontiers uses dice as space ships that travel around on the board and visit different orbital facilities.  When the die roll allows you to visit one of the facilities you can acquire Ore, Fuel, Cards that will allow you to manipulate players or dice in one form or another.

The components are pretty nice in this game.  Each player has up to six ships (dice) that he can potentially use in the game (with the option of a special seventh die that can be bought by landing yourself on a special spot on the planet.

One thing about this game is the more dice you are using, the more options that open up quickly for you.

When you get on the planet you get a special ability marker card to use for the game (until you lose control of that spot).

You can also get cards (as I mentioned above) to manipulate the game in some fashion.

First Impression: I like this game.  The game play is about 1 hour in length, so it fits just right in my book for gametime.

The components are nice, and the box it comes in is very durable.  One thing I like about the box is a slight half-moon cutout on one side allowing you to easily eject the game board without stretching the box in the process.  Nice added detail!

Future expansions are in the process of being developed to allow for a 5th player and also for you to visit “Outer Belts” where players will have their own player boards that you can visit during game play.

The game has a suggested retail value of $50.00 and is worth every penny.

One of my friends, Chris Kirkman ( reviewed this as Game Of The Year in 2010, Check it out for a more in-depth review of one great game!

I’d personally like to thank Clever Mojo Games for sending me a copy. and also Chris Kirkman (DiceHateMe.Com) for bringing it back from the Clever Mojo Games booth at Origins 2011.


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One response to “Alien Frontiers – By Clever Mojo Games

  1. John Moller

    July 12, 2011 at 10:45 am

    It’s an awesome game, isn’t it? I got to meet Chris, Shawn and the gang from Clever Mojo at Origins this year (and that’s where i picked up my copy of Alien Frontiers!) Good stuff!


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