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08 Jun

When I arrived at Hypermind last night I started a 2 player game of Ascesnion: Chronicle Of The Godslayer with Sean.  I thought I was winning the game, and came to find out in the end of the game I had not won the game after all.  Oh well, it was still a lot of fun, and I find some interesting plays each time I open this game up and play it.  I am looking forward to the expansion coming out later this month and hope that others will get back into this game once the expansion comes out.  We’ll have to just wait and see.

Next, I jumped into a game of Trollhalla with Brad, Adam, and Sean.  This game is a fun little game that plays pretty quickly (in less than an hour).  Some people in our gaming group absolutely hate this game, although they only played it once (and I am not sure how you can base an oppinion on just one play), while others think it’s a nice little game (although they probably wouldn’t play it all the time).  I am the type of person that brings a game to the game group that I don’t mind playing myself.  This was not brought by me, but since it’s in my arsenal, it is one I like to play, and that’s why I jumped on a chance to play it last night.  One of my strategies was to get those bonus points as soon as possible.  The only one that I didn’t go for was the Goat bonus.  That actually hurt me in the end and caused me to get second place over all.  I might try a different strategy next time I play the game.

Next Adam, Brad, and Sean joined me in a quick game of Chronicle.  We were actually trying to play something that wouldn’t take that long so Adam and myself coukld wait for Sceadeau and Matt to finish their game and then join us in a game of Troyes.

Brad seemed to catch on to this game pretty quickly.  Sean, I think was stuck at times, but maybe with another play will get the hang of it.

Sometimes, I have found, that a person has to play this game a couple of times before getting the full gist of the game.  Overall it’s a fun little filler.

It was finally time.  Adam and Myself joined Sceadeau and Matt in a game of Troyes.

Sceadeau wound up winning the game overall, but I caught on to some great ideas, although I did not execute them as best I could.  Some strategies are still racking through my head though, so maybe in the next couple plays I can be one of the dominant forces in this game.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned!

Also, I spoke with Chris Norton (GamerChris), and it’s possible we might add this as game of the month for July or August.  I think it would be an awesome game to get in the mix and get everyone playing.


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