First Impressions: Fiasco (An RPG) by Jason Morningstar

25 May

I had the opportunity recently to play Fiasco, a role playing game.  This was a little deviation off the normal Board Game playtime, but it was a nice ending to a great night of board gaming.

Components: Fiasco RPG Book, 24 Dice (12 Black, 12 White), Paper, Pens/Pencils

Overview: Players are engaged in playing a character or helping out with suggestions for the scene.  The game initially begins with the SETUP.  This is where players will choose a playset (mentioned later) and create RELATIONSHIPS and DETAILS of their characters. This is done by rolling all the dice and using them to choose the RELATIONSHIPS and DETAILS based on what number comes up in each die.

Once you are done with the SETUP you will engage in a SCENE.  In SCENES you can ESTABLISH the scene by setting the nature of the scene, conflicts within the scene, and the characters that are in that particular scene.  If you choose not to establish the scene, you can choose to RESOLVE the scene.  This determines if the scene will come out with a positive or negative outcome.  You can not choose both ESTABLISH and RESOLVE.  You can only choose one.

Playing the scenes out is done in two acts.  The first is called the TILT where something or someone shows up in the scene and tend to disrupt the story at hand.

The second act is called the AFTERMATH.  This is where you learn the ultimate outcome for each one of the characters.

Again, all of this is done using your imagination and also by the roll of the dice.

As I mentioned before, there are PLAYSETS.  And yes, there are a lot of them and many more to come.  During this playthrough I had the opportunity to be involved in a playset called News Channel Six that was designed by Chris Norwood, Tom Gurganus, and Ken Coble.  All three of these guys are in our regular gaming group at Hypermind in Burlington NC.

First Impressions: This RPG can be played in about one and a half to two hours time.  I like that aspect that you can start and end it in one sitting.

A lot of RPG’s tend to take days or weeks to finish.  That may be good for some folks, but for those looking to get together every now and then that want a solid RPG, this one just may fit that bill.

The Fiasco RPG Book has a suggested retail value of $25.00.

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