First Impressions: Roll Through The Ages – The Bronze Age

15 May

Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age

Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age is another quick playing game using dice to play by Eagle/Gryphon Games.

Components: 7 Wooden Dice, Game Sheets on a Pad, 4 Peg Boards, 24 Pegs, Rulebook.

Overview:  Each player has a peg board and 6 pegs and a sheet of paper containing boxes to be checked off as the game goes along.

On the players turn they roll the number of dice equal to the amount of cities they have built.  Initially this is 3 cities but can be built up to 7 cities total.  The dice rolls are similar to Yahtzee, where a player will initially roll the dice and keep one or more, then roll a second time, keep one or more, and then have a final third roll of the dice.

Image courtesy of user EndersGame

On the dice the player may roll workers, food, coins, goods, skulls or a combination of skulls/goods or workers/food.

The player will then mark their sheet or move the peg on the pegboard based on what they rolled on the dice.

As they check off boxes they can earn extra dice by building cities, or they can earn victory points by building Monuments or Developments.

Image courtesy of user EndersGame

Developments can also aid the player with different bonuses to use or bonus victory points for the end of the game.  Players buy developments using the coins and goods they have for that turn.

Players can also get disaster points accumulated if they roll skulls or have skulls rolled against them.

At the end of the game, the players will add up their scores and whoever has the most points wins the game.

First Impressions: The components in this game are nice.  Using the wooden dice kind of reminds me of olden days in the saloons.  I like the feel to them.  The score pad comes with plenty of sheets to get you started, and if you ever run out you can download more for free at the

Image courtesy of user EndersGame

You can play this game as a solo player or play as many as up to four players.  The game does not take a lot of time and can be thrown in as a filler game if needed, or use it as a standalone playable game.

Either way, I think you will enjoy this game.

The game has a suggested retail value of $34.99 and can be purchased through Eagle Games web site or you can pick up a copy online or at your friendly local game store.

I would like to thank Eagle/Gryphon Games for sending this review copy. Also, thank you to EndersGame for some of the images used in this posting:

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