First Impressions: 10 Days in the Americas

14 May

10 Days in the Americas is a neat little game in the 10 Days series of games from Out Of The Box Publishing that can be played pretty quickly and also is a great game for teachers in the classroom to help teach geography.

Components: Gameboard, Cards/Tiles, Racks, Rulebook.

Overview:  10 Days in the Americas is played by 2-4 players taking turns and trying to build a journey of 10 cards/tiles that link to each other to complete a journey/trip.

Each day must connect to the next day by means of being able to walk to the next destination (They touch each other), fly to the next destination (Same color and use an airplane tile with that color), take a cruise (destinations must touch each other based on the cruise ship that gets you there).

The first player to get all 10 days in a row and be able to link them from day 1 to-day 10 wins the game.

First Impressions: This game, as well as the other 10 days games in the series, are very suitable for a classroom environment that either wants to teach some history or geography.  I can see teachers tieing these games into their curriculum very easily.

I can also envision families getting together to play this game.  It’s suitable for almost any age, although I would not go much below 6 years old because of the concept of having to connect the destinations, and younger children may not grasp that concept.

It is ideal for gaming groups?  I think so, although I don’t see these type of games getting brought to the table on a consistent basis.  It really depends on the group, I guess.

The game has a suggested retail value of $27.99.  And can be purchased directly from Out Of The Box Publishing or can be found at one of your local friendly game stores in your area.

The official rules can be found here.

I would like to thank Out Of The Box publishing for sending me this game for review. 

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