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27 Apr

Game night last night started out with Brad and Matt joining me in one of my favorite games (Yes I know I have said it’s my favorite multiple times here), Ascension: Chronicle Of The Godslayer.

I got the right combination of cards and managed to win over the other two by almost 30 points.  That was the biggest victory I have ever pulled off since I started playing the game. For some reason, Matt just couldn’t get the cards he needed, even though he was trying.  I think part of the problem was he was in the wrong seat at the wrong time when the cards were flipped from the center deck.  Brad must not have been paying attention, because several times there were cards that would have made better choices for him (in my opinion), although he didn’t seem to spot them as they came up.

After that, Matt and Brad joined me in one of my new games in my collection, Pastiche.  Brad and Matt caught on to the game quickly.  Matt was going for the power play and trying to cash in on big commission cards up front.  I think this hurt him in the end, since he spent a lot of time trying for the big ones.  I was not really paying too much attention and missed scoring a commission card from the community deck and also getting the bonus for having the same artist twice.  Brad won the game by quickly getting out some lower value commission cards.

I’m not sure if there is an advantage to doing that or not, but I may try that next time I play and see if it gets me close to a win.

I then joined Kenny and Tom in a game of Puerto Rico.  Sceadeau explained the rules and game play and we were off.  Sceadeau sat by and helped me for the most part with occasionally recommending better plays to Kenny or Tom when the appropriate time came.  In the end, I won, although I would like to mark this win with an asterisk (*) because Sceaudeau did most of the work while I was trying to get my hands around the game.

I’d like to play this again some time to see if it is a game that would stay on my radar or not.  Currently I’m not 100% convinced that it would.

I then proceeded to another table and joined Chris (GamerChris) and Sceadeau in a game of Nightfall, a new Deck Building Game.  I really need to give this a couple more play through time to see if it would be another deck building game that I would invest in.  It has some mechanics similar to both Dominion and Ascension.

Would it be one of my top games?  It could be, but again, I really need to give it several more play through’s before I make that judgement call.

I then joined both Chris and Sceadeau in a silly game called Animal Upon Animal.

This game involves rolling a die and placing one of your animals on top of another one and trying not to knock the stack over.  If you do, you take what you knocked over.

Obviously you want to stack these so that your opponents have trouble stacking their animals and knocking over others.  The winner is the person who gets their last animal stacked without knocking any more down.  Simple and silly, but still fun.  Would it be something I would play a lot, NO.  Would I play it again, YES.

The last game for me for the night was Chronicle.  For this game, Keith joined myself Sceadeau and Chris.  Keith got bogged down and didn’t quite have the knack of getting rid of the evil cards when he needed to, but I think with another play through he would be really good at the game.  He seems to pick up quickly on games.

Sceadeau of course pulled out the win.  I say (of course) because he wins a lot of the games we play.  He’s just that good at them!  Both of the regular Chris’ in the group do give him a run for his money though!

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