First Impressions: Pastiche published by Eagle/Gryphon Games

23 Apr

Anyone who likes looking at or learning about Art and likes board games will certainly fall in love with a board game called Pastiche published by Eagle/Gryphon Games.

Components: Gameboard (with color spots to hold palette cards), 124 Palette Cards, 54 Palette Hex pieces, 1 Starter 3 pieced Palette Hex, 34 commission Cards from the Bridgeman Art Library, 4 Player Reference Cards, 1 Rulebook.

High Level Overview Of The Game Play: The game is designed to play from one to four players.  Each player will start out with two commission Cards, two Palette hexes and four Palette cards.  The object of the game is to play the Hexes against another hex on the playing table and create color combinations.  Once those color combinations are created, you take the corresponding cards with those colors and put them in your hand.  Now that you have the cards, you can trade with the Bank (The Game Board) or other players to get other colors.  Once you have the colors you need to “paint” a commission painting, you will play those cards, and also play the commission palette.  Each commission palette has a score on it, as well as details about the painting with the author, city, dates, etc.  The first player who scores the amount of points needed to finish the game ends the game and all players after the start player will have a final chance if it is not the last player to end the game first.

Image courtesy of user EndersGame

What I Liked About The Game: The game was a lot of fun to play and plays in between 45-60 minutes.  I enjoyed learning about the paintings with some information included about the author, city, and dates.  I also enjoyed the way the colors mix together to make other colors.  The reference cards helped a lot when I wasn’t completely sure of how the colors were actually mixed to produce what I needed.  Also, the components are absolutely lovely, and top quality!  The box that the game comes in is a heavy-duty box too, it should have no problem holding up to even the hardest box abusers.

Image courtesy of user EndersGame

What I Didn’t Like About The Game: I can’t say I really “Didn’t like” this but I figured I would mention it here:  It’s a little difficult to hold everything in your hands (Cards, commission Cards, and Hexes).  I would recommend getting some kind of large domino holder or some other device to hold the commission Cards and Hexes while your hand will be free to hold the Color Cards that you will play.  On the Board Game Geek, there was a guy who had some custom stands.  I decided to show you a picture of what he had to give you an idea of what I believe would be ideal for this game.

Overall: This game is a lot of fun to play.  I think any board game player would be happy to own it in their arsenal of games.  The suggested retail cost is $49.99 for this game and I have to say it’s worth every penny!  Like I said earlier, the components are solid!  There is a lot of replayability to the game too.

Thank you to Eagle/Gryphon Games For Sending Me A Review Copy Of Pastiche!  This is one that will be played a lot! Also, thank you to EndersGame for some of the images used in this posting:

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