Some interesting game stats from The Board Game Geek and other ramblings.

21 Apr

On the Board Game Geek I am known as SKirkham1967A.  Ever since I joined “The Geek” (as a lot of us boardgamers refer to it), I have played many different board games.  But of the ones I personally own I thought I would throw out some statistics:

Current Number Of Games That I Have Listed On The Geek: 34  – This number does not represent games like Monopoly, etc…and you can actually see what I have listed here.

Highest Rated Games (Scale 1-10):

Other games I rated from 7 down to 5.  My ratings were based on how well I liked the game and if I would play it anytime (Games rating 8 or higher) or if I would play it in the right mood (Games at a 7 rating).

Game That Got The Most Play (So Far): Ascension: Chronicle Of The Godslayer – 39 times since I have owned the game.  I am obsessed with this game! Yes, GamerChris, I admit I am addicted to it!  The next highest play time was a few games coming in at 14 plays.  What a difference!

One of the reasons I started doing this Blog was to actually expose new games to people who have played board games before but may not have ventured out into the different type of board games that you may find at some local game stores.  Those people are the ones that play games like Monopoly, Clue, Risk, etc, but maybe haven’t heard of some other types of games like the ones I have listed here on this site.  This is good exposure for the Gaming Community, Game Stores, Online Stores, etc.  If you are one of those people who have not heard of some of these games, check out the board game geek and see for yourself all the wonderful options there are for people who love boardgames.  You just may find something new that you’ll fall in love with.

Also, recently I have had the honor of reviewing some games sent to me from different publishers, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for sending those games.  It allows our gaming group to have another game in the mix to play as well as gives exposure to your game and site information through links that I provide here, on my Facebook account, and through my Twitter feed.  Again, thank you, and I look forward to doing many more reviews when games are sent to me and the group to play.  To any publishers that are willing to send demo/review copies of games, please contact me through email at  I look forward to hearing from you.

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