First Impressions: Skull And Roses published by Asmodee Games

20 Apr

Can you keep a poker face and bluff your way to a win?  Skull And Roses published by Asmodee Games lets you get that chance to bluff your way to a big win.

Components: 24 Player Cards (4 Each for 6 Players), 6 Player Mats, Rulebook.

Object of the game:  The object of this game is to be the last player out.  In turn, each player take a turn and puts their card (in the shape of a round disk) on their player mat.

The first player that wants to bid starts and the bidding continues from there.  The players will bid on how many Roses they can turn over without revealing a Skull.  Once a challenge is issued, the last player to bid starts flipping cards over for the number they have bid.

If a Skull is revealed, the player who bid then chooses a disk of their own to lose.  Once they are out of disks they are out of the game.  If no skull is revealed by the time the player reaches their designated bid then the player who issued the challenge loses a card.

The play continues until the last player to have a card is declared the winner.

My First Impressions: I’ll have to be completely honest.  The artwork and the components are excellent.  I am not quite sure why they chose the shape of the cards as a circle though.  That to me didn’t make a lot of sense.  They look more like coasters then playing cards.  I didn’t quite enjoy the game like I thought I would.  I remember playing Liars Dice, and the concept of this game was similar in nature, although, it was using cards instead of dice.  Also, there are some mathematical formulas that can give you an educated guess in Liars Dice, I didn’t come up with any kind of mathematical solution to this game.

Some people may like this game, others may not.  I would say, see if you can get your hands on a copy from a friend or local game store and play it.  If it is your type of game, great, purchase a copy.  Again, the components are really nice, and the artwork is fantastic. Other than that, it’s a nice attempt at another type of Bluffing game, but didn’t quite meet the mark in my honest opinion.

This games suggested retail is $19.99.

I would like to thank Asmodee Games for sending a review copy of the game to us.  

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