First Impressions: Dixit published by Asmodee Games

18 Apr

Have you ever seen such lovely artwork on playing cards?  Dixit has just that.  A bunch or cards with multiple illustrations drawn out in eye-catching colors.

Components: 84 cards, 6 player tokens in the shapes of Bunny Rabbits, 36 voting tokens (in 6 colors),1 Scoring track (The inside of the box), and a Rulebook.

Object of the game: Each player is dealt six cards.  One these cards there are different forms of artwork beautifully illustrated by Marie Cardouat.

Each player will take turns being the person who has to come up with a word or sentence describing one of their cards they are holding.  The object is to make it not too obvious and also not to obscure in hopes that a few people will pick your card (this gives you points), but not everyone (This will not give you points).

Players then all pick one card that they think will closely represent that same word or sentence and give it to the player who chose the word or sentence.

Those cards are all shuffled up and dealt on the table one at a time.  Once all the cards have been revealed, then each player, except for the one who chose the word or sentence, will try to guess which card they think was the original one the starting player played.

Points are scored for players getting others to vote for their card, as well as a couple other scenarios of how the cards are chosen. (See the rules for more details).

The point tracker board is inside of the base game box and has spots for the Rabbit tokens to move on.  The winner is determined by 30 points or more, or when the deck is exhausted.

My First Impressions: The age range for this game is 8 and up.  When playing with younger players you probably want to use simple language to describe the card you want to play.  This game is a lot of fun for a group of players.  It plays from 3-6, but to my understanding there are a couple of expansions that will allow more players to get in the game too.

I would rate this game a solid 8 out of 10 as a party game.  The replayability is there, and it’s only a matter of how creative you get with your choice of words.

A Special Thank You goes out to Asmodee Games for sending me this copy to play and review.

The suggested retail for this game is $34.99

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One response to “First Impressions: Dixit published by Asmodee Games

  1. Board Game Josh

    April 18, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    Yeah, I really didn’t expect much from this game when I first tried it, but after giving it a shot, I was quite pleasantly surprised!


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