First Impressions: Incan Gold by Gryphon Games

11 Apr

Have you ever had dreams of being able to explore an Incan Temple and find gold and other treasures?  I recently received a review copy of Incan Gold by Gryphon Games.  This game is a fun fast paced game that is just about those dreams.

COMPONENTS: 5 Temple Cards (The Game Board), 16 Player Cards(8 Torch, 8 Camp), 8 Tents (to place treasure in), 30 Quest cards (15 Treasure, 15 Hazard), 5 Artifact Cards, 110 Treasure Tokens (60 Turquoise, 30 Obsidian, and 20 Gold)

GAMEPLAY: The object of the game is to collect the most treasure by the end of five rounds.

The 5 temple cards are set up in the shape of the temple (They are numbered and have pictures that go together,like a puzzle).  Placed under each one of these cards will be 5 different treasures that will be worth 5 points a piece for the first 3 rounds and 10 points for rounds 4 and 5.

Each round you add a treasure to the quest cards and shuffle them.  Once they are shuffled you deal one card at a time face up.  The card will either have a treasure of some type or a hazard of some type.  If there is a treasure, every player gets to divide that number evenly and gets those tokens to place next to their tents.  The remainder treasure that did not divide evenly is left on top of the card.

Then, each player on the next card will determine if they want to continue searching for treasure or if they want to exit the temple (using the player cards, Torch or Camp).  If they stay, they continue on to the next card.

The players that leave will then divide evenly the remaining treasures from the cards that had treasure on them.  If only one player leaves and there is an artifact card, they also collect the bonus 5 or ten points for that treasure.  The players that have left then take their treasures and put them under the tent for safe keeping until end of game.

The players that stayed run a risk of having a hazard card being played.  If there is a hazard card that has been played twice, then the round is over and the people who did not exit lose all treasures (except for what is already safe under their tent).

At the end of the game, players will count up all treasures and the one who has the most, wins the game.

My First Impressions: This game is easy to learn and is a lot of fun.  It’s really a “Push Your Luck” type of game.  Do you get out or do you stay in hoping to gain more treasure?

I have played this game many times with our gaming group and some friends outside of the group.  It’s always has folks laughing and poking fun at those that stayed that one last time and didn’t survive the round due to a second hazard card coming up.

This is a great filler game and can be played with as little as 3 and as many as 8 people.

A Special Thank You goes out to Gryphon Games for sending me this review copy to play and enjoy with friends.

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