First Impressions: Cloud 9 – by Out Of The Box

06 Apr

Late last week I received a review copy of Cloud 9 from Out Of The Box Publishing. This game is a “Push Your Luck” style Party game that the whole family can play.

COMPONENTS: 72 Balloon Cards (18 each of Green, Purple, Red, and Yellow), 4 Wild Cards, 6 Tall Wooden Passenger tokens (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green), 6 Short Wooden scoring markers (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green), 4 Dice with colored balloons on some sides and blanks on other sides, Elevated Hot Air Balloon Basket, Game Board, and several copies of the rules in different languages.

Object Of The Game: Each player takes turns being the pilot of the balloon and rolls a certain number of dice based on what cloud the balloon is over.  After the rolling of the dice, each player (except the pilot of that round) can jump out of the balloon if they think the pilot does not have the proper cards that match the roll of the dice.  If they jump out, they score the number of points equal to the cloud they are on.  If they stay in, the pilot will reveal if they have the cards that are needed to go to the next level.  If the pilot does not have the proper cards, the balloon falls back to the first cloud and nobody in the balloon basket scores any points for that round. Play continues by each person in turn being the pilot for a cloud and then passing the piloting skills to the next player in line (That is still in the basket).

Once everyone has jumped out except for the pilot, the pilot may then jump out and score points or continue the journey and try to score more points.  The same rule is in place if they fail to have the right combination of cards and dice.

The game ends when a player has scored 50 points or more on the gameboard scoring track.  If a player goes over 50 points they continue back up the opposite side of the scoring track remembering to add 50 points to the space they land on. (For example:  A player is on 45 and scores 9 points.  That would put the player on the 4 track on the opposite side of the board.  Add 50 to the 4 giving the player a final score of 54)

My First Impressions: I think this is a great game for families or party groups to play.  It’s easy to learn, and plays pretty quickly (about 30 minutes). There is really no need to read any text on the cards, because the image of the wild cards are different from the actual balloon cards.  Although the game says it is for 8 years old and older, I can see kids as young as 5 or 6 playing this too because of the simplicity and colors involved.

The artwork is good.  The components are very nice, especially the balloon basket.  I learned that there was a different size gameboard and box in an older version.  I’m not sure that really makes a difference except for saving game space on the shelf.

This games suggested retail is $27.99.  Although if you shop around online, you may be able to find a better price.

Thank you to Out Of The Box Publishing for sending a review copy of this game!

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