Games People Play (The Weekend Edition)

12 Mar

I posted on the Board Game Geek a desire to play today (Saturday), and a few people in our gaming group and one of the “old” (and I don’t mean age) regulars also joined us.

When I first arrived, I was still waiting for Kenny (who initially said we would play a couple two player games), but I also knew that our “old” friend Alton was on his way too.  Matt, another one of our game board group members was already there playing some card game (not sure if it was Magic or something else).  He decided to stop by my table as I was getting my games out and asked me if I wanted to play Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer.  I never pass up a chance to play this game.  Anyway, I won the game in the end, and Matt said that it was a good game and he only wishes he could win more at it.

While we were playing that game, Alton showed up.

The three of us jumped in a game of Ra.  This is also one of mine as well as Alton’s favorite games.

Matt got off to a bad start, but managed to get some good points in the next two rounds.  I scored well in the first and third rounds but did horribly in the middle.

Alton was consistent all of the rounds, and of course won the game.

I wish I could convince more people to play this game more often in our gaming group on Tuesday nights, but I’m sure it has seen a lot of play before I became a member, and may not be the “hotness” it once was before.

During Ra, Kenny walked in and then we decided to play a 4 player version of Memoir 44.  I really love this game, and have to get some of the expansions in the near future.  The components are awesome.

Kenny and Matt were the Germans while Alton and I played the Allied side.

Unfortunately Matt was the Dice Rolling King and really dominated the board against me and Kenny held up pretty well against Alton too.

We should have switched sides to play a 2nd round to see what the outcome would have been but we were running short on time and Kenny and Alton wanted to check out a few more games before we all wrapped it up.

I pulled out Survive and taught Kenny and Alton how to play.  This game has also become one of my favorite games, I think mainly because 1 – It’s easy to teach.  2 – I think younger players could pick it up quite easily and 3 – The wooden pieces are just way too cool!

Anyway, Alton wound up winning this by one point over Kenny.  Unfortunately I had a bad experience with 3 meeples in one boat that got gobbles up by the Sea Serpent and that pretty much left me with very little points in the end (They were all high point meeples).

I think I prefer the challenge rule that says player with the most meeples saved by end game wins, and then possibly using the points on the bottom of the meeples for tie breaking instances.

When I first arrived at the store, I purchased another game called Cities.

We diced this would be the last game of the day.  Kenny actually wound up scoring the most points with me coming in second.  I would love to play this again with Alton since he had not really gotten the hang of it until after we scored everything.

I think if we had played again, he may have had a better fighting chance.

Maybe next time he’s in town?


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2 responses to “Games People Play (The Weekend Edition)

  1. Chris

    March 15, 2011 at 8:07 am

    I heard a lot of good press about Cities back from Essen, so I’d love to give it a play sometime soon…

  2. skirkham

    March 15, 2011 at 10:12 am

    I”ll have it with me tonight. I am also going to do a write up for it probably before the week is over.


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