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02 Feb

When I arrived at Hypermind last night for our regular Tuesday evening Board Game night, Chris I. and Alton wanted me to jump in a couple of games of Race For The Galaxy – The Brink Of War with them.

I also brought my copy of Race For The Galaxy with the first two expansions.

The more I play this game, the more I like it.  I’m still learning a lot about it.  After all, there is a lot to know to become really good with the game.

I’m hoping to pick up the third expansion in the next month or two to complete my collection.

Also, I have been playing the PC version of this honing in on some skills and learning quite a bit.  You can find a link for the PC version here.

After that, Kenny and Chip joined us three in a game of Factory Fun (Our Current Game Of The Month for February).

This game really makes you stop and think before reacting.  You get to choose a machine that has one or more inputs and an output on it.  The machine has colors for each of those.  It’s not easy.  You really have to think about how you want to connect machines, and piping to make the most points.

You can easily find yourself going backwards on the score tracking board if you are not careful.

I’m thinking this may be a purchase down the road, but need to play it a little more before I make that $50.00 commitment.

For now, I can at least play the demo copy at the store and enjoy some fun until I get used to the mechanics of this game.

Next Chris I., Alton and myself were joined by the founder of our game night, Chris N.   He jumped into a game of Ascension -Chronicle Of The Godslayer with us while Kenny and Chip went and played a different game.

I brought this with me and really wanted to get this game to the table since we are having another Ascension Game Day coming up this weekend (Feb 5, 12PM Eastern).

This game is one of my favorites.  I have all the promo cards to date, and look forward to the new promo card coming out this weekend.

Also, on the forums there is mention of the first expansion coming out in April.  I’m really excited and looking forward to this expansion.  I’m also hoping that since this was a hot game not too long ago at our game night, that we might bring it back and have it as Game Of The Month some time.  Hopefully when the expansion comes out.  We’ll see.

Chris N. Brought an older game with him called Code 777.

The object of this game is to guess what numbers you have in your hand by asking questions, seeing the hands of the other players and making an educated guess (you get to use a crib sheet) on what you are holding.

If you are correct you score a point and dump your tiles.  If you are wrong you dump the tiles and pick three new tiles.  Either way, this obviously gives the other players more data that you do not have at that immediate time.

Several times I took a stab at some numbers and chose incorrectly.  I was trying to go for a big win, and only put myself back to the drawing board.

I wouldn’t mind playing this again some time in the near future.  It really makes your brain get a good workout.

The last game I played for the evening was Fresco.  This was only my second time playing the game, and I am finding myself liking this game more and more too.  It probably will take at least 2-3 more plays before I actually develop some sort of strategy in possibly winning.

Chris I has bought this game when it first came out, and I played it miserably the first time.  But I picked up on some mistakes I had made the first time and fared a little better this time in score.

One thing that I would like to do is see if I can get some folks together more often.  Sometimes I fell meeting them once a week does not necessarily improve my game play.

Some of these folks play with other folks not in our board game group at their houses or other places.  I’ll have to investigate hosting a night every now and then at my house to add to more gameplay.

For more information about this game night, head on over to and check out his article on this game night.

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