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15 Jan

Last night I played several games at a friend’s house.  When I arrived we were waiting for his girlfriend to get back from the market with some refreshments.

While we were waiting we started off by playing a round of Escalation. This is a game where you play cards one or more at a time increasing the number of the previously played card.  If you can’t increase, then you pick up the stack of cards that were played and put them in your pile to count at the end of the game.

To play multiple card you must have the same number on all the cards, or use the 1-7 wild card (This card can only be used in conjunction with cards numbered one through seven.

You can also play a card that has a Triangle on it representing the same number as the previous player.  This forces the next player to go higher or take the stack of cards.

To score at the end, you count the number of cards you have taken during the game and the player who has the least amount of cards is declared the winner.

Once my friend’s girlfriend got back, we played a second round of escalation.

This game makes for a quick filler when you are waiting or looking for some time to kill.  I also think this game would be great to have when you are waiting for food at a restaurant.  It plays that quickly!  I think this will be one of my next few purchases.

Next we played Parade.  Another card game where the object is to have the least amount of points in the end of the game.

Each player is dealt five cards and play in turn.  The starting tableau has six cards laid out face up.

Each player in turn tries to not take cards by laying one of theirs down and counting to the front of the parade the number they laid down.  If there are more than that number, then the player will see if there are any cards that are equal, less, or the same color of that card.  If there are cards like that, then the player takes those cards.

Players who have at least one more card of a color than another player take majority in those cards and they only score as one point a piece at the end of the game.

Otherwise the cards score of what ever the face value is on them.

This game is another quick filler.  Not as fast as escalation, but still pretty quick.

Both this game and escalation can be found for less than $10.00 a piece.

These are great ways to introduce folks to some modern board gaming quickly.

Next up, we played To Court The King.  This game is a lot like Yahtzee, but involves cards and dice.  Different cards can be won by different types of dice rolls.

Some cards give you extra dice to roll, and other cards can change the number of pips on the dice that are rolled.

The object is to get the King which is a Seven of a Kind roll of dice.  When you get the king, you also automatically get the Queen.

The Queen will give you powers to change dice around.

The winner of this game is the person who gets the most dice alike at the end.

For example:  Player 1 gets the king with a roll of seven threes.  The next player (if they are able to use seven dice or more) has to beat that number and get seven fours, fives, sixes, or eight or more of any number.

This game can be played quickly, as long as players understand how to manipulate their dice to give them the best outcome.

We also decided that because of certain cards, you can “Break” the game and win easily with a couple different strategies if you set these up initially in your head and game plan.

Overall, it’s a fun little game.

And last, we broke out my new copy of Egizia.  This is a worker placement game that takes place along the Nile River.

The board looks nice.  The cards are European style and are tiny, but manageable.  One of the reasons that cards are small, is because you will be putting them in front of you to use during the five rounds of play.

The game also comes with wooden tokens in the shapes of Rectangles, which are used as bricks for building, and wooden tokens in the shape of ships, which are used for placement along the Nile River to get cards, move your workers along the worker track, or build objects such as pyramids, and temples.

This is definitely one of my favorite games.  It plays in about 1 to 1 1/2 hours time.

Overall, I had a blast being invited to my friend’s house.  He is thinking of having a regular night of board gaming at his place each week.  I’m looking forward to our next game night.

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