My Friend Sceadeau (Pronounced: “Shadow”)

05 Jan

Hi everyone!  It’s been a little while since I last posted and I thought I would tell you a little bit about one of my Board Game friends.  His name is Sceadeau.

Let me start by saying this guy plays modern board games really well.  Normally he has a strategy when he starts a game, but he has been known to change that on the fly.

A funny thing about my meetups with Sceadeau is that I like to pick on him  about when he loses a game, which is not very often.

Last night, several of us at our regular Board Game night played 7 Wonders, which happens to be our board game of the month.  In that game, People actually thought (at first) that I may have won the game (before all the scores were tabulated).

Then it was announced that Sceadeau had the same score as me!  I was very excited.  I have at least tied the “Master”.  LOL

Well, come to find out, another one of our friends, Chris I. had actually won the game, and Sceadeau and I had come in tied for 2nd.

That my friends was a victory for me, even if I did not win the game.  Chris I, is also a great player, but just for me to tie Sceadeau, made my night.

Even though I may give Sceadeau a hard time and pick on him, it’s all in fun, and I really enjoy it when he does show up to our game nights.

Sceadeau also runs a regular board game night, and you can find out more about his game night here.


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