Crossroads At Dark Lion Pass – A Review

09 Dec

My collection of Board Games grew by one this week as I received a copy of Crossroads at Darklion Pass to review.

Number of players:2-6

A little bit about how the game is played: The players travel together on paths that eventually lead to quests. On each turn the Travel Leader starts the round off by using his cards to move the token a number of spaces based on how many footprints he has on the group of cards he discards. Every player in the game also has the same opportunity to make the group travel along the path if they want. The only one that is mandatory to discard and move is the Travel Leader.

Eventually the group will come upon a quest where they will battle a monster.

Everyone receives some experience if they conquer the monster in the quests. For Every 100 XP the player can acquire a new skill.

16 Red Play Cards
16 Blue Play Cards
16 Yellow Play Cards
32 Grey Play Cards
40 Treasure cards
6 (Each) Red, Blue, and Yellow experience tokens
8 Creature cards
8 Damage Cards
6 Player Color Identification Tokens
1 Pawn used for Group Travel on the Board
1 Travel Leader Card
1 Quest Leader Card
2 Six Sided Dice
1 Player Skill Level Pad (with 80 Sheets)

What I liked about the game:The game kind of reminded me a little bit about my old days playing Dungeons and Dragons (first edition) combined with a board game atmosphere. You travel through land areas and encounter quests during your travels. You gain experience for quests as well as traveling and finding treasure.

Mechanics: The mechanics of the game are quite simple. The movement is done by discarding cards. The battles happen when you land on quests and you draw a card to fight a random monster. Experience is gained based on how you play the game. Not really much to the Mechanics that involve some deep thought.

Would you play it again?: Probably i would, although this is not one of my goto game or games that I absolutely must play. I hope there are some expansions in the future that add to the cards, as I thought there were some limitations as to the variety of monsters you can fight. I also would like to see a new wa of determining damage. Having a card tell you is not really random enough for me. Maybe it should go back to rolling of dice based on the multiplier on the cards? Not really sure, but that is a suggestion.

Replay potential: I think it has some replay potential, although I do think that it can get a little tedious since it really is the same game again except for the cards being different when you shuffle them. Although, again, I think there needs to be a lot more Monster/Damage cards. There really are not enough to make the game interesting and wanting me to come back to it every time I meet with my board game group.

Rule elements that were unclear: For me, I usually read through rules at least one time FAST, then I go back and reread them. All these rules were straightforward and were not very hard to understand at all. I Do like the idea that the developer included a TRAVEL SCENARIO EXAMPLE and a QUEST EXAMPLE. That does help people learn the game quicker.

I would rate this game a 7 out of 10. I wish the cards were a little heavier in quality. I also wish they used a different way to track health, XP, etc instead of using sheets of paper that come with the game. Maybe they could have used a tracking board with some wooden tokens. I might even create something like that myself and upload it here to the geek.

Overall this game is decent.

I would like to see the price on this around 25-35 dollars. Any more than that might be a little pricey in my honest opinion. You can find out more about the game and the designer at the following web site:

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