Tiki Topple

14 Oct

Today, I received a free copy of Tiki Topple (Courtesy of Gamewright from a Blog Post on QuirkyFusion’s Blog).  The game is played using cards, a game board, pawns (for moving on the game board), and plastic Tiki wedges that move up and down and off the game board based on the card played.

2-4 players can play this game.  Each player receives several cards:

  • Tiki Up 3
  • Tiki Up 2
  • Tiki Up 1
  • Tiki Topple
  • Tiki Toast

The Tiki Up 1,2 and 3 card move a tiki up the board that number of spaces when played.  Tiki Topple allows a player to take one tiki and move it directly to the bottom of the board.  The Tiki Toast allows a player to remove a tiki from play (for one round).

You are given another card that has three colored tikis on it.  If you get your tikis in the correct order by the end of the game you score the most points.  The Tiki in first position will score 9,5 or 2 points for a player if it is on their card and in the right order.  The tiki in 2nd scores 5 or 2, and the Tiki in third scores 2.

Play continues for several rounds and a winner is determined at that point.

This game plays pretty quickly and is a favorite of mine for a filler when you are waiting for some of the longer games to get done in your gaming group.

Overall, I would give this game a solid 5 stars out of 5.  It’s easy to teach to others, and can be a fun quick game for people to play at any time.  It’s also small enough that you could play it at a restaurant while waiting for your food to arrive.

Get this one for your gaming library.  You won’t be sorry that you picked it up.

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