Games People Play 9/14/2010

15 Sep

Last night I played three games at game night.  The first was Zombiegeddon.  This was a game that Chris Ingersoll brought to the table.  The object of the game is pretty simple.  Collect enough points to win the game.  That being said, there are two rounds, each where you have to collect goods worth a certain amount of points.  You can also collect weapons which help you get to other areas of the board that have bad guys and zombies.  The player with the most points in the end wins.  This was my first time playing this game and I would play it again if the opportunity comes up.  However, this would not be one of my top 5 go-to games.

Next we pulled out my number one favorite game, Ra!  Am I ever going to not have this as my number one game?  I don’t know, but for now it stays at number one, and would be one that I would jump at every opportunity to play.

Next time I play this game, I’ll get some actual game play pictures of our group playing it. 

I did not fair well in Ra this round.  It seemed like the other side of the table was very dominant with Chris Ingersoll, Ken Coble, and Alton Todd.  They were the strongest of five players.  Sometimes the tiles and the suns just don’t fall in ones favor.  That is the luck part of the game that I so much enjoy.

 The last game that I played for the evening was Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft (The Board Game).  This game is awesome.  It really is like D&D 4th edition but in a board game.  We had some quirks playing it, bit figured out some strategies that we would probably try the next time we play this game.  Chris Norwood purchased this a couple of weeks ago and I have been wanting to play it since I saw him unwrap it the first time. 

The game has miniatures, and tiles, and a whole lot of other items in it.  I’ll probably play this again some time, but it will have to wait because it runs a couple of hours easily to make decisions, etc.  Unfortunately I don’t get a lot of game time on Tuesday evenings and have to watch what I play due to time constraints.  I would however love to play this if we started a bit earlier, or if I did not have to go to work the next day, or some weekend or other night for that matter.  Thanks Chris for bringing this game, and thanks for letting me be in on the party.  I had a blast playing it!  I haven’t played D&D in a long time, and this wet my appetite again!

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