A few games on Saturday

12 Sep

On Sept 11, 2010 I decided to head over to Hypermind to play some board games and I met Chris Ingersoll there.  Chris set up Cyclades for us to play as a 2 player game.  For the most part it worked out well.

Chris was dominating most of the games by quickly acquiring gold coins to make bidding and purchases.

However, I got enough coins myself and had a few battles on a couple of Chris’ islands, which he had built a few metropolises on.  In my final take over, I conquered one of Chris’ islands which gave me the 4th building to build my third metropolis to win the victory (Chris had one last play but couldn’t do anything because he had bid on Gods that did not allow him movements to get in a combat situation).  Over all it was a lot of fun, and I think worked well for a 2 player version of that game.  I must say it’s a little more trickier when you have several players playing though due to you have to pay closer attention to what everyone is doing, and if you are good at keeping track of hidden things, you can estimate the hidden gold coins (in 2 player it’s a lot easier).

After that, I played my favorite game, Ra. Cody (someone who I never met before) and Brad (I met him once before) joined me in a great game.  I gave them a quick overview of how to play the game and they caught on really fast.  I was happy that I had explained how to play the game in a way that they understood and picked up quickly.  Brad had some great bidding techniques that he was trying but in the end Cody was victorious over myself and Brad.

It’s funny that when I wanted to buy this game, it seemed like nobody had it in stock.  That to me says a lot about the game.  It has to be one of the favorites of many players!  I highly recommend trying this one out.  It may quickly become one of your favorites in the end too.

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