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08 Sep

Last night I went to our weekly board game night at Hypermind.

The first game was a game between Chris Ingersoll and myself called Mixup.

This game is very similar to connect four, with the exception that one player is trying to connect 4 of the same shape while the other player is trying to connect 4 of the same color.  The first round that we played, I lost miserably.  I wasn’t sure of the how the game actually played until I played it at least one time.  Needless to say, Chris won in less than five minutes.  The second game it was a little more of a challenge for Chris, but he managed to pull it off and win.  Overall this game is a fun little filler game for two players. 

The next game that I dove into was one that Graham brought.  It is a prototype of a game that is being picked up some time next year (I think).  Unfortunately I do not remember the name of it (something like Kill The Overlord).  It’s a card based game and uses chips for scoring.  The object is to become the overlord and have 40 or more points to win the game.  Good little game, but needed a little tweaking for more than 4 players.  It plays up to 8 (again with the tweaks, it will work well).

Next we sat down for a game of Ra.  I brought my new copy of the game that I bought last week.

The guys were “picking” fun at the game because the new version has tiles that are a little smaller, and the game board is a little smaller compared to the Uberplay version.  I think they were just trying to get me going. 

Anyway, after many agonizing RA tiles being drawn from the bag in the game.  I managed to squeak out a win just barely over Chip.  He thought I was going to lose when I had the least amount of suns at the end and had to give five points back.  I have to say this game is definately one of my favorite games of all time.  I hope we get to play it more at game night.  I’m sure Alton would be willing to play as long as he is not tied up in another game when we are ready to play.

After that I jumped into Thurn and Taxis.  This is quickly becoming one of my favorite games.  Although my friend Alton Todd seems to have it mastered and pulls off win after win in it.

One of these days, I will learn some of his strategies.  I know he has some, and I just need to pay better attention to what he is doing and pick up some key plays.

The object of the game is to make postal routes connect, by playing cards, placing houses, and scoring victory points.

A good game, and one that is on my whishlist. 

Last but not least, I dove into the Game Of The Month for our local Board Game night(s).  Cyclades!!!

This is also quickly becoming one of my favorite games. 

I have come close a couple of times at winning this game (even though I have only played it three times).  Graham managed to sneak out a last-minute win over Chris Ingersoll and Myself as well as one other player.  It was close.  Chris, Myself, and Graham were all in contention to win the game, but Graham had his sneaky plan ready for us, and pulled out the Win.  Great game.  Great Strategies.  Graham, For The Win!

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